Who We Are

Arrows Group Global is the strategic provider of workforce solutions to global organisations and high tech firms navigating digital challenges. The company integrates high-quality talent with digital enterprise so that companies can accelerate growth, improve workforce planning, and secure competitive advantage.

The Arrows Group Foundation is the company’s registered charity, established with the mission of tackling child poverty through employability. The Foundation’s trustees include James Parsons, Founder & CEO and Adrian Treacy, Founder & COO.

James Parsons

James Parsons, Founder & CEO

James Parsons is co-founder and CEO of Arrows Group. A graduate in Economics, James has worked in the staffing sector for the past 15 years, initially for Allegis Group and then S3. In 2003 he founded Arrows Group with Adrian Treacy (COO) and has overseen the company’s growth and international expansion.

Adrian Treacy

Adrian Treacy, Founder & COO

Adrian is co-founder and COO of Arrows Group.  Having graduated in Business and Economics, Adrian spent his early staffing career at Huxley, part of the S3 Group.  Adrian founded Arrows Group in 2003 with James Parsons (CEO) and has played a pivotal role to build the company into the thriving business it is today.

What We Do

Arrows Group’s purpose is integrating talent with business opportunities, and improving the employability of people the world over. The Foundation’s purpose is to impart the same opportunities for improvement to underprivileged children or those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the help of a dedicated network of volunteers and a targeted skill development approach.

Arrows Group Foundation’s core areas of focus are:

  • Assessments/Career Counselling/Coaching for Job Selection
  • Spoken English / Business Communication/Email Skills / Telephone Etiquette
  • Training for joining the Arrows Recruitment Team
  • Basic Computing/IT/Basic Finance & Accounting Skills

Why We Do What We Do

July 2014, on the outskirts of Delhi, and Adrian Treacy, Arrows Group’s COO and Co-Founder, is halfway through a business trip to India as part of the company’s expansion plans. He is stuck in night-time traffic being driven back to his hotel after a late client meeting. Under a flyover and through the crowd, he spots a young girl of about three years old, about the same age as his eldest son, on her own. She is carrying a small piece of carpet which she proceeds to lay down in this throng of people. He is told that is her bed for the night.

This was the moment the Arrows Group Foundation was born.

Whilst Adrian could not help that particular girl, the shocking sight lingered upon his return to the UK, and he could not shake the feeling that everybody can help somebody.

The Foundation is the result of this desire to match Arrows Group’s purpose to provide employment opportunities, with an independent charity that aspires to change the lives of children like the young girl who inspired Adrian.

Our Vision

We believe that every child has the right to a safe, happy, and caring childhood regardless of their background. Our Foundation wants to support children born into poverty, or otherwise disadvantaged, to their basic right of a childhood that equips them for lifelong success.

Our Mission

To enhance and improve the lives of children in poverty.


By 2021, the size of the working age group in India will be equivalent to three times the size of Europe’s working population.

The majority of this group in India will be in the younger age range of 20-35 years, making India one of the youngest nation’s in the world.

However, the potential of this dynamic group is in danger of remaining untapped by business due to limited access to employment opportunities. The Foundation aspires to bridge this gap by providing education in the areas of Basic Computing /IT/ Basic Finance & Accounting Skills.

Career Readiness

Arrows Group Foundation believes in supporting youth by imparting vocational training that enables them to find jobs or set up their own businesses. Attention is also paid to development of essential skills for all-round employability such as Spoken English, Business Communication, Email Writing, and Telephone Etiquette.

For the price of a cup of coffee every morning, the Foundation can support deserving and talented girls from weaker sections of society through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. The Fellowship provides mentoring and monetary support so the girls can continue their secondary and tertiary education until they finish their course after five to six years.

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