In the couple of hours it takes to watch a blockbuster movie each month, you could transform the fortune of one child by sharing your expertise, and improving their employability in an increasingly competitive business world.


You select your area of expertise and commit to regular time slots with up to two children, either at their care home or remotely (for example over Skype)

Volunteering at a care home

You can visit the Foundation’s care homes that are run by Udayan Care across India, and spend time with the children working to specific outcomes


Enrich a life from the comfort of your home or office, sharing your talent, time and skills remotely


Maybe you prefer to go out of your way join an amazing community of people doing something extraordinary to help our underprivileged children?

To participate, please complete and submit the form below. Your details will be sent to the Arrows Group Foundation team who will contact you to follow up your interest.



What struck me was the transformation of my anxiety to absolute elation within an hour. The initial anxiety with the task in hand is a tiny price to pay for the joy (both theirs and ours) that results from it. I’d encourage anyone who wanted to volunteer but chose not to because of the anxiousness to fight through it and give it a try! The anxiety fades away quick but that joy breeds joy and lasts much longer. Well worth it!

- Vishisht Virmani, Arrows Group Global

I had a wonderful experience yesterday. To start with it was a two way communication not only gave me a chance to express my thoughts, but also learn a lot from them. Our motive was to help them understand the challenges we face in a day to day corporate world. We definitely tried to highlight the challenges and how to overcome them.

- Mohammad Wajid, ICG Medical

I would like to thank Arrows Group and Udayan, who gave me an amazing opportunity to help or serve the people.  I noticed these kids struggling for basic things in their life, and the worst thing is that they are lacking in gaining better education which is a mandatory part of life today. I wonder how they will make their future. I would like everyone to spare some time and take a small initiative for their education so that they make their own future bright!
Many of us are born with a golden spoon – let the brightness of this gold shine more by helping these kids.

- Kapil Vijayvergiya, Arrows Group Global

Dear Arrows Group Team,
It was a very nice workshop happened yesterday on 13th Sept 2015, with our Narsinghpur (Gurgaon) IT center students, all the students were very excited and keen to learn new professional skills, I would also like to thank all the facilitators Preet, Kapil, Mohd. Wajid, Tamansh and Robin for conducting such a interactive session with the students on presentation skill, interview skill and on email.
Looking forward to your continue support and cooperation.

- Best regards, Manoj Srivastava, Udayan IT Centre

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